Leanne Gallant ~ Create Compelling Copy for your B2B SaaS

(You may notice that we're undergoing a little pivot - stay tuned)

I'm on a journey to help

B2B SaaS founders create 

compelling copy and thrive

If you want better RESULTS for your SaaS 

come along for the ride

Is this journey for you?

It could be if:

  • You have a useful SaaS product 
  • You’re not seeing the RESULTS you want
  • You're not sure what to do about it, but you're open to learn

Then come along with me. 

Let's explore the messaging side of getting RESULTS.

  • We’ll get to know your customers 
  • We'll find out what they really want
  • We'll use that information to improve your positioning
  • We’ll make sure your marketing is clear and more effective

The best RESULT for me is when you accelerate the growth of your SaaS.

We've been able to figure out one of my biggest problems to date

Chris Howe - Founder at Grahamity.com

Clear and to the point! It's so helpful to have someone like Leanne giving you feedback on something from a completely different point of view. She added a lot of clarity and we've been able to figure out one of my biggest problems to date.

The plan is to improve your results with focused messaging

These are some of the places I plan to visit along the way:

  • Focused messaging → What is it? Who’s doing it? How’s it working?
  • All the other Ps of marketing (besides Product, Price, Place and Promotion)
  • JTBD (Jobs To Be Done) → What motivates your customers?
  • VoA (Voice of Audience) → Are you really listening?
  • Dark Social → What is it? How does it work?

And we can explore whatever else comes up as we make new discoveries.

Ability to see my business through the eyes of my customers

robert mcmillan - owner of robert mcmillan pottery

(Working with Leanne) Her attention to details and ability to see my business through my eyes and through those of my customer base was a valuable tool for me.

Why listen to me?

I believe in:

  • Developing a core message for your SaaS that has everyone on the same page, including your users
  • Making sure your message is the answer that your ideal users are looking for
  • Clear B.S. free copy and messaging that converts for you
  • Helping you get RESULTS for your B2B SaaS

Over the past several decades, I’ve learned more “on the street” than I did getting these letters behind my name: 

     Leanne Gallant, B.A.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, P.Eng., M.B.A. 

I’m not afraid to ask questions and dig deep to help you create messaging that gets you RESULTS.

Very intuitive

Becky mullin - executive director at vrcpei

Leanne was very intuitive when it came to figuring out what our needs were even when we didn't quite know ourselves.

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Tell me what you think and what you want to learn.

Let’s do this together.


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