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What it's like to work with me

Chris Howe

Founder at Grahamity.com

"Clear and to the point! It's so helpful to have someone like Leanne giving you feedback on something from a completely different point of view. Clearpoint added a lot of clarity and we've been able to figure out one of my biggest problems to date."

Becky Mullin

Executive Director, VRCPEI

"Leanne was very intuitive when it came to figuring out what our needs were even when we didn't quite know ourselves!"

Darcie Lanthier

Renewable Lifestyles Ltd.

"The whole process was a pleasure and the results have been excellent."

Renée Durant

Owner of Jaxon Naturals all natural skincare products

"Leanne has been such a fantastic sounding board and help for me and my business! I would highly recommend Leanne and Clearpoint Consulting to any small business looking to overcome any barriers to growth!!"

Robert McMillan

Owner of Robert McMillan Pottery

"Her attention to details and ability to see my business through my eyes and through those of my customer base was a valuable tool for me."

Carlos Bosco

Owner of Signal Solutions

"It was a pleasure working with Leanne. She is an outside-the-box thinker who can give you a fresh perspective on a stale problem."